Ketubot are available with wide selections of text - Conservative, Egalitarian, Orthodox - or you can use your own English and/or Hebrew text.

Furnished on archival paper and packaged in clear vinyl envelope, framed, or with Signing Mat - with or without personalization (fill-in).


Program Covers: Insert your wedding program pages in folded cover, and add a ribbon or decorative string.

Keepsake: Personalized dedication on keepsake version of your covenant makes an ideal "thank you" for parents, grandparents...or each other.

Available in silver-finished wood frame with easel-back.


Ketubah - (13x19 inches)
Program Cover - (8x11 inches;
    folds to 5x8 inches)
Keepsake - (8x10 inches)

Call Lettering By Lynne at 703-548-5427 for appointment to see many other designs that are available

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