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Celebrate your special occasions-anniversaries, showers, parties, etc. - with a wide range of choices for colorful or subdued invitations and accessories.

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Lettering By Lynne

is located in Alexandria, Virginia
Hours by appointment
Daytime, Evenings (except Fridays)
and Sundays
(Closed Saturday

Telephone: 703-548-5427
Facsimile: 703-548-4648

e-mail: invite@LetteringByLynne.com

Special Events
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Letter Press

Incredibly evocative and striking invitations and stationery


Newest printing process produces unique appearance

Maria Thomas

Incomparable collection by world famous pointed pen calligrapher Maria Thomas

Pockets, etc.

Newest designs with matching enclosures and accessories

Encore Edge™

Layered and beveled invitations with unparalleled thickness, beauty and distinctive edges