Table and Place Cards

 Lettering by Lynne  also has a beautiful framed seating chart available for rental. This chart shows an alphabetical listing of your guests keyed to your place cards.

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Using the services of  Lettering by Lynne  not only assures you of beautifully written place cards but also saves you time and allows you to avoid some stress as the actual wedding date approaches.

Place cards, usually arranged on a table at the entrance to your reception room, bear the names of your guests and inform them of the table to which they are assigned.

Place cards need not match your invitation, but sometimes are imprinted with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. A very elegant impression is made when only the name of the guest appears on the front side of a tented or folded table card, and the table number appears inside. Here is an opportunity to be creative with ink colors and designs.

Envelope place cards are not only very beautiful; they are also very practical. A small envelope with the guest’s name holds a card with the table assignment. The envelope, propped up by its flap, stands on a table, just as a tented or folded card would. The practical part of the ensemble is that you can easily make last minute changes without having to re-do the cards. If someone’s table changes, simply switch the table card to a different one. Usually we print one or two extra cards per table, to allow for these changes.

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